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 +====== Stockholm ======
 +===== 10 km Ekerö =====
 +Småstigar och grusvägar. Backigt. Skog.
 +{{:​friluftstips:​vandring:​stockholm:​stockholm_ekero_10km.jpg}} ​
 +{{url>​http://​​google_earth_files/​gpxviewer/​viewgpx2.php?​gpxfile=gpx/​lopning_stockholm_10km.xml&​maptype=G_NORMAL_MAP}} ​
 +Total flat distance: 8.9 km
 +Total real distance: 9 km
 +Climbing distance: 2.9 km
 +Descent distance: 3.5 km
 +Flat distance: 2.6 km