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27 m.s.l. 70 m.s.l. 113 m.s.l.
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Minimum elevation: 27 m.s.l.
Maximum elevation: 113 m.s.l.
Average elevation: 67.2 m.s.l.
Maximum difference: 86 m
Total climbing: 456 m
Total descent: 460 m
Start elevation: 58 m.s.l.
End elevation: 54 m.s.l.
Final balance: -4 m


Minimum speed: 3.5 km/h
Maximum speed: 17.8 km/h
Average climbing speed : 8.9 km/h
Average descent speed : 9.3 km/h
Average flat speed: 10.5 km/h
Average speed: 9.2 km/h


Date of track: 26.2.2008
Start time: 10:04:59
End time: 10:59:57
Total track time: 54m 58s
Climbing time: 25m 45s
Descent time: 24m 00s
Flat time: 05m 13s


Total flat distance: 9.7 km
Total real distance: 9.7 km
Climbing distance: 4.5 km
Descent distance: 4.3 km
Flat distance: 1 km