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iGO/NanGo Tips och Tricks

Modifying voice instructions

Tuesday, March 27, 2007 by Sissi Carell

When you approach a roundabout (rotary/traffic circle) then voice instructions are given 800, 300 and 100 metres prior, but only the very last one tells you which exit to take. It would be much better if the 300 meter announcement would contain the complete instructions, including the number of the exit to take.

So now we are going to change the voice instructions. The voice file is stored in the map voice, every zip file is a voice you can select in I-go or Miomap. In the zip file you find an file called commands.csv. We have to modify this file, extract this file to yoour pc with full file path. after the modifications we have to add this file to the zip file also with full file path.

Look for following line in the file:
“prepare_to enter roundabout in %dist”

Replace this line with following:
“in %dist enter roundabout take %exit exit”

Now we have a voice command in 300 meters prior to the roundabout telling which exit we have to take.

How do you add/merge bmp poi files?

By danero2005

why must you create a spr file?
It indicate to igo how the image should look like.

how do you create a spr file?
Very simple

take an existent spr file from branding and see if it is according to your images like this

if image is 22×22 (for me not recomended)

BmpFlags = 0
DefPhase = 1
Stripes = 22
DefAlpha = 22

if image is 32×32 (recomended as it looks more clear)

BmpFlags = 0
DefPhase = 1
Stripes = 32
DefAlpha = 32

and just duplicate it for every image you have.

I understand that the bpm file must be 24×24…but I find that just putting a file like this in the userdata\poi folder won't do the trick…what else needs to be done?
As I said ,files - in this case .bmp files ,should not exceed 32×32 pixels, i have seen 20×22,24×24,30×22,32×32, and every file worked fine.
About the question where to put them :
Open igo folder and you will find, in the zip you will find different types of reso and two other folders “common” and “icons”.
Well in the common folder you need to place the .bmp and .spr files both in main and in night folder, and in the icons you must have the “map” of the poi icons.There will be a file poi.icons which opens in notepad and there you will put the link to the newly added icons.

It sould look almost like this — example:


is there a link that describes how to map poi icons with kml files?
That is too easy

Put the .kml files of your wish in the IGO8\Content\Userdata\Poi folder, then push the edit button and enter in the poi settings, up it is the distance you like the poi to be seen and in the bottom is the icon tab to choose for the kml file

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