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How do I check the version of my application and map?

The version of your application is shown in the route summary screen.
The version of your map is shown in the information screen.

Only check the application version directly on your device. Do not use TomTom HOME to do this.

To check the version of the application and map on your TomTom, do the following:

  1. In the Driving View, tap the bottom right corner.
  2. The version of your application is shown on the right hand side of the route summary screen.
  3. To view the version of your map, tap the field that shows the application version.
  4. The version of your map is shown under Map.


You must make sure that in “my documents” on the PPc there is a folder called Tomtom, in there there is only 1 file called: CurrentMap.dat

In order for Tomtom to find you maps you must make sure the path in CurrentMap is correct, the easy way is to copy the file to your desktop open it with Notepad and correct the path to where you map is located, easiest is if you leave the smallest map it in the root of the storage card to start with and you path should look like this:
\Storage Card\Canary_Islands-Map\
(I choose Canary Islands as it is the smallest map in europe (2mb)

When this works you can them move the map to its original postion and REMEMBER to adjust CurrentMap.dat to match your setup and it will look like this or so:
\Storage Card\TomTom Navigator 5 Fr\TOMTOM
This will then make all your maps ACTIVE !!

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