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S2P information

S2P (Slide2Play) by A_C
S2P is a stylus-free MP3/WMA player application. It simply lets you browse your music files & play.


- WM5 Phone or WM6/6.1 Professional devices (with built-in Windows Media Player)
- free RAM: at least 3M


  • Under your PC/MAC/device, extract the content of the downloaded file & copy the CAB file to your device.
  • Under your device, run any File Explorer application; go to the folder where the CAB file is copied; run the CAB file.
  • If your device got a “Win32 error”, please download & install the (for square devices) or the (for other devices).


- Since S2P simply scans music files in your storage card, it's suggested to have your music files well organized by folders. So that you can browse your music files through the folders instead of a plain list. (e.g. \Artist Name\Album Name\Music title.mp3)
- When browsing, press the folder name to list all music files under that folder, including subfolders; or press the arrow button to list the subfolders.
- Press any one of the filename to play.
- To go back to the music file list, press the top left back button.
- To view the current album list, press the top right icon. Then press any one on the list to play that music.
- To go back to the single music view, press the top right icon again.
- On the single music view, tap the screen to call up the timeline. Press the left repeat icon to repeat the current playing album; press the right shuffle icon to play the whole music list randomly. When both icons are on, only the current album will be played randomly.
- Under the music playback screen, slide up or down the left or right side edge of the album art will change to the Album View screen in Landscape mode. To go back to the normal playback screen, slide up or down the left or right side edge of the album art.
- Under the music playback screen, double tap the album title area will change to the Album View screen in Portrait mode. To go back to the normal playback screen, double tap the album title area again.
- The hardware keys are:
Accept - quit
End/OK - minimize
Vol Up/Down or DPAD Up/Down - volume control
DPAD Action - play/pause
DPAD Left/Right - previous/next
Left/Right soft key - previous/next album
Power/Record - turn screen off


The behaviour of S2P can be altered by changing the following registry values stored at \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\A_C\S2P\

  • OffLCD - the no. of timeout seconds that S2P will turn off the screen when using battery; default is 25.
  • ACOffLCD - the no. of timeout seconds that S2P will turn off the screen when using external power; default is 0 (i.e. disable).
  • SaveLastMusic - remember the last playing music when quit; default is 1.
  • AlwaysLoadEmbedAlbumPic - always load the embedded album pic when start to play a file; default is 0.
  • ResumeAfterCall - resume the playback after a call is finished; default is 1.
  • FullScreenAlbum - to display a full-screen album art; default is 1. (it's not usable for square screen device).
  • NoSoftKey - to hide the bottom soft music control keys; default is 0.
  • FastAlbumPic - retrieve the embedded album pic in faster speed but some problematic pic will not be retrieved properly; if that happen, disable it; default is 1.
  • AlbumLayout - 0, 1 & 2.
  • ShakeAction - for Diamond/Pro only; 0 to disable; 1 to go to next song; 2 to go to next shuffle song.

S2P Known limitations & FAQs

Q. Do I have to install the old version before using this version?
A. No.

Q. How to use the .CAB file?

Q. Do I have to install S2U2 before installing S2P?
A. No. But if you have installed S2U2, make sure you have updated your S2U2 to 0.99p or later. Otherwise S2P will be stopped by S2U2.

Q. What music files can S2P play?
A. MP3, WMA & WAV.

Q. When viewing an album of WMA/WAV files, there is no duration show?!
A. Yes, it's not implemented yet.

Q. The Album View only show a few covers even there a lot different music files stored?!
A. You have to organize the files into folder structure like \Artist Name\Album Name\Music title.mp3, otherwise it won't be recognized by S2P.

Q. How to turn off the screen when playing music?
A. Press the Power button or the record button.

Q. How to adjust the auto screen off timeout?
A. Edit the registry - under \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\A_C\S2P\, edit the keys OffLCD & ACOffLCD (in seconds). OffLCD is for use when using battery; while ACOffLCD is for external power. The default value of OffLCD is 25 & ACOffLCD is 0.

Q. S2P shows weird characters for the music info?!
A. Try to resave those info in ID3V2.4 UTF-8 format.

Q. How to have cover shown on S2P?
A. Either the music file already has cover pic embedded or you have to copy the cover file (either cover.jpg or folder.jpg or album*.jpg made by WMP) to the corresponding album folder.
A. Sudermatt has a script to update the album art directly from your device, goto for details.

Q. Does S2P support A2DP?
A. Yes, as long as your device has a proper OS.

Q. Does S2P support AVRCP?
A. Yes, starting from v0.40.

Q. How to get AVRCP works on HTC Diamond?
A. Follow these steps:
- remove the Music tap from TouchFlo 3D with Diamond TF3D Config ( (thanks Sushilange);
- restart the device;
- turn on the Bluetooth & connect the BT Headset;
- (skip this step for v0.55 or later) start the Windows Media Player (sometimes it will be automatically started once the BT Headset is connected) & press the End key to minimize it;
- start S2P & enjoy

Q. S2P does not support AVRCP on my device?
A. It's found that latest devices have some specific codes to handle AVRCP specifically with the built-in WMP. So there is no way to intercept the AVRCP control codes unless a real device can be studied on-hand or the related SDK is publicized.

Q. Does S2P support playlist?
A. No, not yet.

Q. The system icons on the top bar do not update?!
A. Yes, they only show the start status. But the battery level icon is up-to-date. However, they will all be live if S2U2 v1.00 is already running in the background.

Q. Why S2U2, S2V & S2P are all free?
A. Because MS has left them in the factory.

Q. What is the official website of S2U2?

Q. Is S2P free?
A. Yes, but any donations are welcome (, thanks.

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